Transnational European Mediterranean Association for Cooperation (acronym.: TEMA) is officially registered Network  which main aim is to promote cooperation between Baltic sea region and Arab  countries. Members of TEMA are only organisations or institutions.


is to promote intercultural dialogue and contribute to the visibility of the Barcelona Process through intellectual, cultural and civil society exchanges.

In order to implement it  TEMA:

  • promote knowledge, recognition and mutual respect between religions and beliefs, cultures;
  • identify, develop and promote areas of cultural convergence between the Euro-Mediterranean countries and people;
  • encourage initiatives which aims to promote a dialogue between religions and beliefs, ensures diversity and pluralism in the Euro-Mediterranean region;
  • promote the human dimension of the partnership as well as the consolidation of the rule of law and  basic freedoms;
  • promote integration and immigration projects or campaigns, create closer ties between different cultures.


By focusing on promotion of intercultural dialogue and strengthening cooperation on national and international levels TEMA:

  • Cooperate with other organisations, institutions and networks on national and international level;
  • Promote civil societies activities through social networks;
  • By gathering experts from different sectors, provides consultations and recommendations;

By uniting different members, cooperating with different organisations and institutions, TEMA stands as strong regional partner for different sectors – governmental, CSO, business or MEDIA.


One of the main capacities of the TEMA are experts who are coming from different fields such as: youth, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, migration, formal and non-formal education, culture,  business.

TEMA stands as strong regional and international partner especially developing cooperation with EU or Nordic countries as it is based in Lithuania. Network unites Civil society organizations, Different Associations, Educational Institutions.



+370 600 277 00

Vilnius, Lithuania